SPIRAL is a charity that offers a free confidential service to children and young people, to build resilience.  We specialise in working with children and young people that have/are being targeted by bullying, the service is available for young people aged 8-18 and up to 25 with additional needs    
Spiral works in a person-centred and solution focused way, to assist building resilience and reducing stress in families.
One-to-one support can last between 3-8 weeks and can be extended if needed, during this time our Mental health worker will keep in regular contact with the young persons family.  Once the support sessions have finished, information on how to continue supporting the young person to build resilience at home can be provided.
You can request a referral form to be sent by email, post,  or you can arrange to come into the office to collect one.  Spiral also welcomes referrals from other GP's and other organistaions.
Once the referral form has been handed in you will be contacted within fifteen working days to arrange the first meeting.
You can call Spiral on 07474070236 to ask any questions.  If no one answers your call, leave a voice mail, text message, or email and someone will contact you as soon as they are available.

  • Emotional awareness; key to good communication.

  • Control (of self); your responses to circumstances/situations.

  • Social support; network of family and friends 

  • Self-belief; confident and have high self esteem.

  • Ability to problem solve; willing to adapt/be flexible.

  • Optimism; focus on your strengths.

  • Attitude to life; focus on 'can do'.

Benefits of 1:1 support

  • The ability to bounce back from difficult situations.

  • Feel more confident.

  • Higher self-esteem.

  • More positive outlook

  • Communicate clearly

  • Reduced stress

  • Develop positive relationships

Group Work


Key issues spiral are tackling in 2020 are:

  • Peer pressure

  • Temper tampers

Workshops are available for ages 8-18 in the North of Cumbria. Each workshop runs for a course of 5 weeks.  To book or ask any questions call 07474070236

Spirals support sessions involve a confidential setting.  A member of Spiral will listen attentively to each person.  They offer them the time, empathy and respect they need to express their feelings and perhaps understand themselves and the situation from a different perspective.  
The aim of the support sessions are to move forward and learn new ways to deal with difficult situations.
The type of support used in sessions vary from person centred, solution focused therapy, empty chair therapy, stress management, and bullying and harassment therapy.  Being able to offer a variety of therapies allows flexibility in the support sessions.
As well as talking, worksheets and creativity will be introduced into the sessions.  This again depends on the individual and what works well with them




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